Loss of Use

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Loss of Use (HCVs, Trailers, Buses, LDVs and Special Types – Plant all risk and farming equipment)

This section insures you for the loss of use of your Commercial Vehicle following an insured event that results in Own Damage, Theft or Hijack or Total Loss. If being repaired, only whilst the insured vehicle is in the custody or a registered member of the Motor Trade in respect of an approved collision repairer. Various options are available.

Client can select any number of weeks from 4 to 8 & select any limit from R5 000 to R15 000 per week
Time Excess Period:
3 Days after authorization of repairs
(R0 – R60 000 Total sum insured)
5 Days after authorization of repairs
(R60 001 – R120 000 Total sum insured)
14 Days after authorization of repairs
If claim occurs within the first 60 days from inception of vehicle
14 Days after authorization of repairs
On all other Loss of Use claims on the same vehicle within a 12-month cycle

• The indemnity period will expire on date of completion of authorized repairs or on the day the
Agreement of Loss/Agreed Total Loss Release/Tender of Settlement is forwarded from Insurer onto Insured.
• If being repaired, cover will only be applicable whilst the Insured Vehicle is in the custody of a registered member of the motor trade, who is an Underlying Policy approved collision damage repairer.
• Tracking reports will be requested in the event of a claim.